Kentucky High School Bowling

Q: Will district regular season champions have an automatic seat in the regional tournament?

A: Yes the regular season district champions will advance to the regional tournament.

Q: Who, besides the regular district champions, advance to the regional tournament?

A: Along with the regular season district champions, each winner in the district tournament advances unless the winner is the same as the regular season district champion; in this case the runner up will advance.

Q: How many teams advance to the state tournament?

A: This depends on the number of participating high school teams.

Q: When does my roster need to be turned in?

A: Your primary roster needs to be turned in at the time you pay the high school bowling entry fee. Rosters for regular season match play must be turned in 24 hours prior to your match.

Q: How many bowlers can I have on a team?

A: There is no actual minimum but in order to field a competitive team 6 players is suggested. You may have as many players on your team as you desire but you may only play a maximum of 12 players per match. If more than 12 bowlers bowl in a match then their scores are to be zeros, even in baker games.

Q: If I have less than 12 bowlers on my team do I still need to turn in a roster every week?

A: No

Q: Which team is responsible for faxing or emailing the score sheets?

A: The home team.

Q: When are the score sheets due?

A: Fridays before noon

Q: If school is cancelled due to weather will matches still take place?

A: No

Q: If a match has to be cancelled for whatever reason who is responsible for rescheduling the match?

A: Both teams should work together and come up with a day for the make-up match. However if additional help is needed you can contact John McCarthy III or Stacy Watts.

Q: How should score sheets be filled out?

A: Home team is always on the left and the bowlers first and last name must be written for each team, this holds true for baker play as well.

Q: When will High School Bowling become KHSAA Certified?

A: 2011 - 2012 season